Need help arranging hotel accommodation for apprentices or as part of your company's regular activities? We've got you covered.

Many companies have the need to book large volumes of bedroom accommodation either in connection to their meetings and events, or as part of their employees’ daily activity.

We work with a number of companies who do just this, and so we built our very own system which can be tailored to each client.


"Highly recommend for meeting, event and accommodation needs. The tobook team provide a great personalised and friendly service."

What We Do

Source Hotels

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to understand your company needs to ensure the appropriate hotels are approached.

Safe Guarding

We understand the importance of safeguarding measures for apprenticeships and employees. We are committed to supporting your overarching safeguarding policy statement, in collaboration with the hotels we recommend.

Rate Negotiation

Tailoring negotiations to your budget, we'll work to secure annual corporate rates with each hotel, managing all contractual details.

Hotel Options

Your account manager will suggest suitable accommodation options tailored to your needs, including any special terms and conditions. Upon your approval of the hotels and rates, we will update our hotel booking system for your team/individuals to access.

Log in Details

We provide you with a unique username and password to access the booking form your team/individuals will need to complete to request an accommodation booking.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to create a booking form that collects all the data you need from your team/individuals when requesting accommodation for your company activities.

Email Communication

Each accommodation request will be acknowledged reconfirming the details of the request.

Once the booking is confirmed by the hotel, a confirmation will be sent detailing reservation details: hotel name/address, date of stay, cost, billing instructions and contact information for changes or cancellations.

5 days prior to the stay the team/individual will receive a reminder email.


Throughout every reservation, your dedicated account manager will support on any changes the team/individual may need leading up to their stay.  All actions are recorded against the booking.

Rate Management

We consistently review clients’ activity into the hotels.  Allowing us to negotiate the best offer from the hotel for future years.


We can provide reporting on stays for individuals, specific hotels, date format, spend per month/quarter/annually, cancellations  plus more -these can be tailored to your company needs.


We welcome feedback from those staying away from home.  It is vital for ourselves and the hotels to understand what improvements may be required, as well as being recognised for service excellence.

Need expert advice?

Our experts are here to guide you, providing personalized support to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

What our clients say

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