3 unique event locations in Amsterdam…

If you’re looking for an event venue in an interesting and intriguing building full of character and history, then check out these 3 venues we visited in Amsterdam. Each one has its own story and cultural significance but all three are wonderful locations for meetings and events.


During our trip,  we visited the superb Maritime Museum, a big, white, grand building full of fascinating history. Its original purpose was to store the firearms and cannons of the navy. But it was only ever partially filled. It was purposely built much larger than needed to intimidate rivals – “Look how big our weapon stores are, don’t mess with us!” The sneaky Dutch also scored into the white overcoat much larger looking bricks to make it seem stronger. In reality, it’s made from the same bricks as the rest of Amsterdam.

They have a variety of event spaces but the crown jewel is the spectacular inner courtyard at the centre of the monumental building. It can accommodate events for up to 1000 people and certainly is a curiosity. It’s covered by a glass roofing, which at night gives the impression of the starry sky thanks to hundreds of tiny LED lights. The lights can also change colour to suit your business to give it that personal touch. Having the roof means it can be used all year round without having to worry about the weather.

When it first reopened after renovation they had an unusual problem – the echo lasted 12 seconds, making it hard to stay in there for very long. But they came up with a creative solution of unique pyramid shaped tiles that face down. The space between them lets the sound in but stops it getting back out. This creates optimal acoustics perfect for music and presentations.

If you are interested in the Maritime as a venue but have a smaller guest list, other contemporary rooms are available ranging from 30 to 175 guests. Rooms like The Admiralty are rich in character and history and are unique options for smaller meetings. These rooms do have the advantage of looking out over the magnificent ship harboured outside.

For foreign visitors, it offers a unique way of understanding the history of The Netherlands. It’s probably the best museum in Amsterdam at the moment and offers some of the most unique event spaces in Amsterdam.


We also visited the Eye-Film Institute, an incredibly unique building. No two walls are lined up to signify light and movement, giving it a futuristic feel. There’s so much natural light the whole space feels bigger (and it’s already big).

Because of its location directly across from Central Station, EYE is very easy to reach by public transport: a free ferry sails back and forth across the IJ, 24 hours a day. For guests arriving by car, a municipal parking lot is located behind the EYE building.

EYE offers four cinemas, three meeting rooms, and a foyer, and the entire venue can also be hired. This variety allows for a broad range of wishes for events large and small: a conference with 300 participants, a company party with 900 colleagues, or an intimate dinner for 30 people.

Just imagine giving a presentation with the backdrop of a big cinema screen. You’ll definitely keep your guests attention.

Cinema 2 comes with retractable seats so if you have multiple parts in your event, you can adapt the space around your needs. So if you start with a presentation but want to end with a dinner, you only need the one space.


On our last day, we ventured to the Zaanse Schans, home to a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. There is a reason why this place is world famous – beautiful scenery, a water-rich environment, charming accommodation and extensive catering facilities. In short, the Zaanse Schans is a unique location for your international business event.

After a walk along the Zaanse Schans, we took a boat trip over the Zaan through the oldest industrial area of Western Europe. The windmills and factories seen from the water are silent reminders of the past. The whole area feels staged because it’s just so pretty but it’s actually a real village.

For lunch, we were invited to the old Major’s house, where we were served by people dressed in traditional Dutch clothes. This cultural experience is not available to the public but is for larger groups.

Zaanse Schans is about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam so it’s perfect for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre but close enough to make transport easy.

If you are looking for something smaller and a bit more culturally centred then this is an ideal choice.

The tobook team prides itself on offering inspiring venue options for our client consideration. We are personally visiting and experiencing as many hotels and venues in the UK and overseas as possible – that way we can really know that proposals are fulfilling our client brief to best effect.



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