Team building makes for great teamwork

Team Building

That corporate buzzword used by many to describe employee time away from the “day job” to engage in an activity, which usually has the company objective of enhancing individual development and performance.

And moreover, increase the company bottom line!

Done well, the team building experience is a great way for teams to break down any political and personal barriers, improve communication, boost morale, and instil a common co-operative and goal ethic – all which will lead to that desired increase in productivity. It should also be the time to kick-back and have some great fun! The benefits of which will all lead back to aforementioned.

Here are 6 great ideas to re-energise your next Team Building Day.

Enjoy and Prosper!

You Dancin’?…      You Askin’?…

Am I the only one old enough to remember? 

Many dance professionals have great studio space available or will come to a team building event held at your chosen venue. Get everyone moving and enjoying the tunes and rhythm – Latin, salsa, ballroom or line dancing. It’s a fab way to laugh, relax, get to know colleagues better.

Add Mocktails and Cocktails! The more adventurous may want to demonstrate their new skills in a team competition? How about forming a “strictly” judging panel with paddles (who will be Bruno or Darcy?) Make the scoring more fun with comic face expressions instead of numbers.

If you are based in the Leeds and Yorkshire areas – check out Sashsay Dance

Who Dares Wins

Go for a fully loaded day of team challenges and get the competitive spirit frothing. Many specialist destinations can offer a fantastic itinerary of sports you wouldn’t often get the chance to experience.

Mythe Barn in the Midlands offers a fun feast of clay pigeon shooting, pistol shooting, archery, go-karting and more…  

Want to go wet and wild? Check out Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire for an adrenaline fix of water skiing, Jet skiing, wake boarding and the new Jetlev. Organisers will usually arrange for an award ceremony to top off the event.

Elementary My Dear Watson

Stimulate the grey matter – Get your teams scrutinising the detail and searching for the non-obvious by turning detective! A crime-solving team building event lends itself perfectly for those wanting a less energetic and more considered approach.

There are some fantastic companies out there that can provide a polished and often humorous staging of a murderous misdemeanour. Many run by real-life former detectives and professional actors.

A combined dinner and murder-mystery does not have to be contained to an evening – how about a lunchtime event. Mix up the teams – and get people working together who wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity.

Why not dress up for the theme / era? Dodgy macs discouraged!

Right Angle offer nationwide coverage and have some great options 

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

Put your team through the paces of a high-speed performance-car driver (or passenger for the less daring), experience. See how you can stretch the perceived limits of your team.

There are a whole host of professional companies that can provide the total corporate package of a selection of venues across the UK, along with the supercar experience and meeting facilities with catering.

A blast of a day out!

No Soggy Bottoms Please

Cookery schools across the UK offer some deliciously delectable options for corporate events. They can be pricey – so why not consider other ways for a culinary delight of a day!

Many top-notch chefs offer their services and can demonstrate or run a class in a designated venue.

If you’re based in The Midlands – check out celebrity Chef, Felice Tocchini.

Some will even offer their restaurant for exclusive use, or run an event on a day, such as a Monday, when the restaurant is usually closed. Contact your venue-finding specialist for ideas and options.

Limited Funds

Get creative and don’t deny your hard-working employees the chance to bond away from the business because funds are limited. Many charities would love a group of volunteers for a day and you can get to do something amazing and helpful.

Or did you know, some organisations will do free group tours but will expect a donation – who wouldn’t feel privileged to see the Guide Dog programme first hand?

For smaller team numbers, keep a look out on deal sites and websites of places such as Vineyards and Gin and Whiskey distilleries – tours with tastings are not usually high-priced and you can often buy two-for-one tickets.

Likewise – if you are wanting to end the day or evening with a meal – many restaurants will offer a group set menu at a very attractive price – so speak to your preferred restaurant and see if they will do you a deal.

Tobook has hundreds of ideas for a truly memorable team building event.

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