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Isn’t it just great when the banqueting food served at a gala dinner is one of the main highlights of the evening!

All too often the glitz and glamour of a stunning venue, beautiful table settings and the twinkling lighting is let down by unimaginative menus, bland tastes and, my own personal bug bear – tepid food which should be served hot. Ugh!

Not so, recently at Wroxall Abbey, when they hosted a Gala Dinner Dance with the fabulous Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag, who delighted the audience by tripping the light fantastic to some all-time classic tunes – every strictly fan’s dream.

The pre-dinner canapés were tasty and perfectly sized to pop in the mouth and remain elegant. As dinner was served in a marquee in the grounds of the estate,  I wondered how logistics would play out for serving the hot dishes. I need not have been concerned – the asparagus soup was served piping hot in a warmed soup cup, which was followed by a delicious duo of poached and smoked salmon rillete. The whole table commented on enjoying the Gin & Lime sorbet and it was a fun palette cleanser. The main event was Fillet Steak – all cooked through to be completely medium, which may not have been to every guest’s precise taste – but pleasing and tender none the less. What’s more it was piping hot as were the perfectly cooked fresh vegetables and potatoes.  Pudding – feeling a bit full by this time but just had to eat the hazelnut torte that was served along a chocolate torte and salted caramel ice cream. For research purposes (!), I tasted the chocolate torte which was rich and yummy and, I almost asked if I could take it home to have with my elevenses today!

Still not done – a tempting selection of hand-made petit fours were served with the coffee.

All topped off by lovely service.

Here at tobook we place huge importance on the catering standards when researching and presenting venue options to our clients.  Great food goes a long way to creating a positive and memorable meeting or event.

Given the choice of presenting a venue that is known for primarily for great food & service or, great building and décor – the food and service wins every time. Fortunately many venues can provide both!

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